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Downton Abbey Spoofs Itself for Text Santa Campaign

The Downton Abbey craze has picked up again with the fifth season beginning to air in the United States. Over the holidays, ITV (the producers of Downton Abbey in the U.K.) aired a short Downton Abbey spoof to support the Text Santa charity. The Text Santa charity initiative was created by ITV in order to…

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Downton Abbey Spoof – How Many More Must Die?

If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey (like we are) then hopefully you’ll enjoy this new Downton Abbey spoof. This is one I did about the death of several main characters. If you haven’t seen season 3 yet, then don’t read further and don’t watch the video! A lot of people were shocked at the…

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Downton Arby’s – A Downton Abbey Parody Spoof

You may recognize a former popular actor in this clip (hint: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad About You, Kim Possible, Spin City). This is a video spoof of Downton Abbey called “Downton Arby’s”. It is done by a weekly comedy series called SKETCHY. This clip is set at Downton Arby’s where all the favorite Downton Abbey…

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