Why Moms Get Nothing Done Video

This is a funny video that moms everywhere can relate to. If you have a baby old enough to walk, that baby is also old enough to "help you" around the house. The only thing is that the baby does everything … [Read more...]

Puppy Really Wants to See New Baby

This is a funny video of a baby laying on the bed and a puppy trying to jump up to get a look at the baby. At one point, the dog tosses a toy on the bed for "playtime". The puppy's name is Billy and the … [Read more...]

Baby Barks Like a Dog

This six-month old baby can't talk yet. He can't say "mama" and he can't say "dada". But he can bark at the dog. If there's truth that you learn from mimicking what you constantly hear around you then it's … [Read more...]

Baby Laughs Upon Discovering He Has Eyebrows

Part of the wonder of growing up is discovering new things. Things like your belly button, hair growing on your head for the first time, that you have toes (10 of them), etc. The baby in this video is … [Read more...]

Yorkie Puppy Plays with Baby

This family has two new additions to the household - a baby named Benson and Benson's new friend, a Yorkie puppy. The video starts just showing baby Benson. Then a puppy comes bounding into the picture and … [Read more...]