Funny Ghost Video

(Funny Ghost Video) This is a short story movie of a woman who is trying to make a meal. But when she drops a bunch of beans on the ground, the scary stuff begins to happen with two ghosts using words to scare her, but they end up fighting with each other instead. Is it all just a freaky vision… or not?

Funny ghost video

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Monster Mash Music Video – Lego Style

(Monster Mash Music Video) This is a funny music video that us done with legos and set to the song, “Monster Mash”. It’s always neat to see people get creative in their presentations and this Monster Mash Music Video is a lot of fun to watch (and, of course, listen to). So here is The Monster Mash Music Video – Lego Style…

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Funny Dog with Halloween Bowl

(Funny Dog and Halloween Videos) The dog in this video is named Edee. Edee’s owners have put some special dog treats in a Halloween bowl. The thing is that the Halloween bowl has a hand in it and it is motion activated. When the dog tries to get the food, the hand moves and a Halloween saying (like “Trick or Treat”) is heard. This makes the dog pretty uncertain of what is going on while the owner coaxes it to the bowl while snickering and filming. Here is Edee and the Halloween bowl of treats…

Edee Dog and her Happy Halloween Funny Bowl

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