Funny Ghost Video

(Funny Ghost Video) This is a short story movie of a woman who is trying to make a meal. But when she drops a bunch of beans on the ground, the scary stuff begins to happen with two ghosts using words to … [Read more...]

Monster Mash Music Video – Lego Style

(Monster Mash Music Video) This is a funny music video that us done with legos and set to the song, "Monster Mash". It's always neat to see people get creative in their presentations and this Monster Mash … [Read more...]

Funny Dog with Halloween Bowl

(Funny Dog and Halloween Videos) The dog in this video is named Edee. Edee's owners have put some special dog treats in a Halloween bowl. The thing is that the Halloween bowl has a hand in it and it is … [Read more...]

News Anchors Scared by Costumed Characters

(Funny Halloween Videos)  During a Halloween newscast in 2007, Good Morning 10 News anchors were scared to death by a couple of screaming costumed characters that ran onto the set. One anchor actually fell … [Read more...]

Ellen’s Halloween Scares

(Funny Ellen TV Shows) This is a Halloween scare episode of Ellen from 2008. It seems that every year the staff of Ellen try various things to scare her and nothing ever works. They even threw a dummy off … [Read more...]