Guy Asks College Girls – Am I Your Type?

This is a funny hidden camera prank by Just Go TV where the prankster, Mike, walks up to college girls (and sometimes guys) and simply asks them one thing - "Am I Your Type?" It's one of those awkward … [Read more...]

Hotel Poop Prank

This is one strange prank where "The Prank Academy" put together a prank for one of their "students" to do that involves fake poop. The way it works is that they placed fake poop on the floor in their … [Read more...]

Man Gets Women to Pretend to be His Girlfriend

This is a funny hidden camera prank where a man approaches women in public and asks them to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. The man and "ex-girlfriend" are in on … [Read more...]

Elaborate Hidden Camera Powerful Phone Hack Trick

A video game company for the Watch Dogs video game got together to try and think of some unique marketing tools. Out of that meeting came this very elaborate hidden camera stunt. The aim was to get the … [Read more...]

Prank Involving Ax Carrying Killer Clown

While we're on the subject of killer clown pranks, we have another video for you, one where a clown with an ax scares people. But this video is also a symbol as to why you shouldn't try to carry out these … [Read more...]