Pig Goes In, Sausage Comes Out!

How would you like to own a machine where you put a pig in, turn a lever, and fresh sausage comes out? That's what it appears the machine in this video does, but it is all an elaborate hidden camera prank. … [Read more...]

Chihuahua Eaten by Plant

Imagine that you're walking in the park and the owner of a cute little Chihuahua asks you to watch him for a second while she goes to the bathroom. The Chihuahua is sitting quietly by some rather unique … [Read more...]

Disappearing Car

Imagine sitting on a park bench and a guy comes up to you and asks if you can watch his car for a second. He points to his car and then gives you some money as a thank you. But when you turn back to watch … [Read more...]

Old Man Proposes to the Love of His Life

Imagine how touched you would be if an old man came up to you and asked you to videotape him proposing to the love of his life. He has flowers, a ring, and just needs someone to videotape the proposal. You … [Read more...]

Box Refuses to Go in Trunk

This is a great hidden camera video from the Just for Laughs TV show. In this particular gag, a person with a large box asks two people if they can help load it into the car. But when they pick it up, the … [Read more...]