Pig Goes In, Sausage Comes Out!

How would you like to own a machine where you put a pig in, turn a lever, and fresh sausage comes out? That’s what it appears the machine in this video does, but it is all an elaborate hidden camera prank. For the prank, a booth is set up offering “Fresh European Sausage”. When someone comes by the booth, the “chef” takes out a live pig, puts it into a small box/machine, cranks a lever, and fresh sausage is dispensed. He then offers it to the people watching, but surprisingly no one wants it…

Pig Goes in, Sausage Comes Out

Baby Pig Fresh Pork Sausage Prank

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Chihuahua Eaten by Plant

Imagine that you’re walking in the park and the owner of a cute little Chihuahua asks you to watch him for a second while she goes to the bathroom. The Chihuahua is sitting quietly by some rather unique plants. As you watch the cute dog, one of the plants suddenly grabs the dog and eats him! Then it spits out some dog bones and the dog’s collar! All of this while the owner is returning from the restroom. That’s the basis of this hidden camera prank. Enjoy…

Plant Eats Dog

Carnivorous Plant Eats Puppy

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Disappearing Car

Imagine sitting on a park bench and a guy comes up to you and asks if you can watch his car for a second. He points to his car and then gives you some money as a thank you. But when you turn back to watch the car, it is gone! This is one car that can disappear in the blink of an eye and the poor people asked to watch it are left dumbfounded…

Car Disappears

Disappearing Car Prank

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