Mr. Bean on Christmas Day

(Funny Mr. Bean Videos) It’s Christmas day and as a result, Mr. Bean is a little more talkative than usual. He’s excited because not only does he have a Christmas stocking, but so does his teddy bear. And today is even more special because his girlfriend is coming over to celebrate Christmas with him. With such good cheer there’s no way Mr. Bean could cause anything to go wrong. Right? Wrong. Here is Mr. Bean on Christmas Day…

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Mr. Bean and the Christmas Nativity Scene

(Funny Mr. Bean Videos) Mr. Bean is back and this time he entertains himself with an in-store Nativity display at Christmas time. When Mr. Bean goes shopping at a store he comes across a Christmas Nativity scene that captivates him. It’s not long before he starts creating a story with the scene. Can Mr. Bean save baby Jesus from all the dangerous surroundings?

Mr. Bean and the Diving Board

(Funny Mr. Bean Videos) One thing that makes the Mr. Bean series great is that a lot of times he will try to be brave even when he isn’t. Take, for example, the video below. Mr. Bean goes to a swimming pool and decides to try out the high dive.  He gets up there and realizes that the only way back down is to go off of the high dive. He’s too chicken to jump, but brave enough to look for an alternative so that the fall “isn’t as bad”. Luckily, in the end he gets some help. Here is Mr. Bean and the Diving Board…

Mr Bean – Falling from high dive board

Mr. Bean – The Ultimate Collection DVD

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