Mr. Bean on Christmas Day

(Funny Mr. Bean Videos) It's Christmas day and as a result, Mr. Bean is a little more talkative than usual. He's excited because not only does he have a Christmas stocking, but so does his teddy bear. And … [Read more...]

Mr. Bean and the Christmas Nativity Scene

(Funny Mr. Bean Videos) Mr. Bean is back and this time he entertains himself with an in-store Nativity display at Christmas time. When Mr. Bean goes shopping at a store he comes across a Christmas Nativity … [Read more...]

Mr. Bean and the Diving Board

(Funny Mr. Bean Videos) One thing that makes the Mr. Bean series great is that a lot of times he will try to be brave even when he isn't. Take, for example, the video below. Mr. Bean goes to a swimming … [Read more...]

Mr. Bean Goes Figure Skating

(Funny Mr. Bean Videos) Mr. Bean purchases tickets for him and his girlfriend to see professional figure skaters. However, through a series of misfortunate events, it is Mr. Bean who finds himself in the … [Read more...]

Mr. Bean Makes Hotel Room More Like Home

(Funny Mr. Bean Videos) Mr. Bean is on a trip and has to stay at a hotel room. However, he has ways of making his hotel room seem more like home so that he is more comfortable. He makes a nice little bed … [Read more...]