Anaconda Snake Eats World’s Biggest Rodent

(Warning: some people might find this video disturbing or "gross"). This is a National Geographic video of a giant Anaconda snake attacking the world's largest known rodent, a Capybara. The anaconda will … [Read more...]

Boy’s Pet 20-Foot Python Snake Eats Him

(The Onion's Today Now) Parents of a little boy are devastated after the 20-foot pet Python snake they bought to share a room with the boy ate him. The parents talk about the tragic loss to Today Now and … [Read more...]

Snake Befriends Hamster (it’s food)

(Really Cool Videos) At a Japanese zoo, a snake was given a hamster to eat. However, instead of eating the hamster, the snake befriended it and they have been "best friends" ever since, sharing a cage and … [Read more...]