Anaconda Snake Eats World’s Biggest Rodent

(Warning: some people might find this video disturbing or “gross”). This is a National Geographic video of a giant Anaconda snake attacking the world’s largest known rodent, a Capybara. The anaconda will squeeze the capybara to death and then ingest the rodent over a six hour period. After that, the snake won’t have to eat for months. Here’s the video…

Best '08! Anaconda Hunts

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Boy’s Pet 20-Foot Python Snake Eats Him

(The Onion’s Today Now) Parents of a little boy are devastated after the 20-foot pet Python snake they bought to share a room with the boy ate him. The parents talk about the tragic loss to Today Now and they also talk about how the boy and snake were like best friends and how much the snake now misses the boy. The parents talk about safety precautions they took too like never letting their boy by the pool unless one of them – or the snake – was watching the boy. Here’s the story…

Boys Tragic Death Could Have Happened To Any Family With 20-Foot Pet Python

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Snake Befriends Hamster (it’s food)

(Really Cool Videos) At a Japanese zoo, a snake was given a hamster to eat. However, instead of eating the hamster, the snake befriended it and they have been “best friends” ever since, sharing a cage and all. The audio is in Japanese, but the video footage is quite incredible…

Snake befriends its hamster lunch in zoo

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