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Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear

This is the epic battle of the ages that we’ve all been waiting for: Darth Vader vs. Buzz Lightyear! Who will win the battle of the most popular villain ever and the most popular Pixar toy ever? This video is really well done with a lot of creative visual effects and acting. Of course, Buzz…

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Trailer – Fan Made

Ready for a Star Wars The Force Awakens movie trailer like none other? How is it like none other? Because it wasn’t created by Disney or Lucasfilm, but rather by fans. It is a “budget trailer” or, as some call it, a Sweded trailer. Basically, Star Wars fans took weeks using cheap items (i.e. cardboard,…

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Star Wars Ships Arrive on Scene for Star Wars 7

We’ve got some incredible footage for you of Star Wars ships arriving on the set of Star Wars 7. This leaked footage shows the ships, which have been flying in over the past two days, being tested prior to being used in the movie. Special air traffic clearance had to be given for the space…

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