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Superman Flying with GoPro Camera on Head

This is a well-produced video of “Superman” flying with a GoPro camera on his head.  First you see him put it on then off he goes flying under bridges, between trees, and even landing to take out some bad guys. And all of it is caught on his head-mounted camera. If you’ve ever wanted to…

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Italian Superman Asks for Directions

This is a funny video where a Spanish Superman is flying next to a car, knocks on the window, and asks the lady for directions. Don’t try to emulate this, but do enjoy it and pass it along. And if you ever see this man flying next to your car window, by all means do…

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How Superman Should Have Ended

(Superman Videos) Superman is the man of steel that is virtually unstoppable, except when it comes to cryptonite.  So how would the creative minds at How It Should Have Ended come up with a new end to the Superman movies? Well… it involves some action, Lex Luther, and a nice leisurely chat with Batman, whose…

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