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Mario Destroys Gamers Home

Imagine that you’re at home, alone, playing a Super Mario Bros. video game. While playing, you receive a text message that calls you out of the room. So you turn of the game and leave. Now imagine that when you’re gone the TV turns on and the game restarts… only this time it is in…

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Human Claw Machine Video

You’ve likely played a Claw Machine game where you insert money then guide a crane and try to pick up a prize. More times than not, the claw machine is unable to grab and hold onto the prize and you’re left trying again… or broke. This video takes a different approach to the Claw Machine…

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Unique Star Wars Game Promotion

It used to be that promotions for video games came in the form of game trailers, TV commercials, demos, and ads. But with the growth of viral videos on the Internet and the potential to reach millions, that is all changing. Take, for example, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The marketing team decided to try…

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