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Mary Olson – Diet and Exercise (Episode 4 of 4)

Mary Olson is excited because she has decided to lose weight through diet and exercise! How hard could it be? Losing Weight is easy, right? Unfortunately this is the final episode in the Mary Olson series even though it wasn’t concluded. Despite the popularity of the series, the creators decided to move on to other…

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Mary Olson – First Impressions (Episode 3 of 4)

Mary Olson is back in her third web series video. Mary Olson is continuing her dating workshop training, this time learning about first impressions. After Mary volunteers for a first impression exercise, she introduces herself to the group and the instructor asks them to tell her their first impressions of her… and boy do they.…

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Mary Olson – Girl’s Night Out (Episode 1 of 4)

Mary Olson is a cute funny dating YouTube series of four videos that was created in 2008. The series follows the adventures of newly single “Mary Olson” on her quest to find true love again. In this first episode, Mary decides to search for love in a grocery store. After all, don’t all the eligible…

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