Funny Scary Killer Clown Prank

This is both a funny and scary clown hidden camera prank where the clown scares people by pretending to hurt/kill someone with a giant wooden hammer. It gives a whole new meaning to the term "Killer … [Read more...]

Social Media Internet Privacy Prank Shocks People

All someone needs is your name and they can find out a bunch of personal information about you. That's what makes the following prank, by Buzzfeed, quite interesting. A man acts as an interviewer and grabs … [Read more...]

Japanese Sauna Prank

This is a funny Japanese Sauna prank where a man changes and goes into the sauna and while in there, the changing room is completely redesigned into a working office with employees. So when the man exits … [Read more...]

Prank – Have You Seen… Yourself?

This is a funny prank where a guy drives up to someone and says he's looking for someone. He then describes the person he is talking to and asks if they have seen a person like that. No one ever really … [Read more...]

Funny Japanese Dinosaur Prank

Imagine that you're walking through the hallway of a business in Japan and you begin to hear people screaming. A crowd of people go running by screaming and a second later you see why. A dinosaur is … [Read more...]