Social Media Internet Privacy Prank Shocks People

All someone needs is your name and they can find out a bunch of personal information about you. That’s what makes the following prank, by Buzzfeed, quite interesting. A man acts as an interviewer and grabs people off the street to get their opinion. But first he asks their name. Operatives in a nearby van quickly use the name to access the person’s Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts. They then secretly feed information to the interviewee so that he can ask questions based on things learned from the person’s social media presence. This, in turn, really surprises a lot of unsuspecting people.

Social Media Internet Privacy Prank Shocks People

Internet Privacy Prank

Prank – Have You Seen… Yourself?

This is a funny prank where a guy drives up to someone and says he’s looking for someone. He then describes the person he is talking to and asks if they have seen a person like that. No one ever really catches on that he’s describing them. The funniest one is near the end where he flags down a security guy and they have quite the conversation…

Prank – Have You Seen…


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Funny Japanese Dinosaur Prank

Imagine that you’re walking through the hallway of a business in Japan and you begin to hear people screaming. A crowd of people go running by screaming and a second later you see why. A dinosaur is chasing them. And now that dinosaur is chasing you. This is the basis of a great prank in Japan and one of the best/funniest pranks we’ve seen in awhile. Below we have posted four different videos involving this prank. The last video is a little different as it features the dinosaur sneaking into a room where women are sleeping then scaring them all awake… well, that is all but one (must be a very deep sleeper). Enjoy!

Dinosaur Prank Video #1 (male)

일본 공룡몰카 2

Dinosaur Prank Video #2 (female)

일본 공룡몰카3

Dinosaur Prank Video #3 (2 males)

일본 공룡몰카4

Dinosaur Prank Video #4 (several sleeping females)

일본 공룡몰카5

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