3D Without Glasses Demonstration – New Prototype!

Are you ready to watch 3D movies and 3D TV without glasses? OK, I’m with you. I think the whole 3D thing is way over-hyped and I’m not surprised that sales of 3D TV and 3D services are way down. One of the many problems associated with that is being required to wear glasses. But what if you could just place two small devices on your temples and see 3D without wearing glasses. No obstructions between you and the TV? Here’s a demonstration. Would you wear these?

3D No glasses by Jonathan Post

Jonathan Post Experiment present by Francois. a new technology for 3D screens without glasses!
This system works only on 120Hz monitor displays. It simulates 3D Active Shutter Glasses. I hope to have a final version for CES 2012. For further information, contact at talk@jonathanpost.com
This experiment was Conducted by Luis Carone and managed by Daniel Dias at jonathan Post.

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