Downton Abbey Spoofs Itself for Text Santa Campaign

The Downton Abbey craze has picked up again with the fifth season beginning to air in the United States. Over the holidays, ITV (the producers of Downton Abbey in the U.K.) aired a short Downton Abbey spoof to support the Text Santa charity. The Text Santa charity initiative was created by ITV in order to support other charities at Christmastime.

To bring attention to the charity, ITV created a short two-part spoof of Downton Abbey that echoes a bit of “A Christmas Carol” while cross-promoting another ITV show, Mr. Selfridge. We have posted both part 1 and part 2 below. The clips include a special appearance by George Clooney who Downton Abbey fans will see more of in the weeks to come.

Downton Abbey Spoof – Text Santa

Downton Abbey for Text Santa - part one

Watch this special Downton Abbey sketch for Text Santa featuring special guests including George Clooney...

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