NBC Olympic Human Interest Stories

Lots of people believe that the reason people watch the Olympics is because of the sports. But that’s simply not the case. As NBC has proven, during its record-watched Olympic coverage, the real reason people tune into the Olympics is for the human interest stories. Forget the actual events, what’s important here is who the athlete is and what his/her history since childhood was. Did the athlete get beat up in 2nd grade? This is the information the American public wants to know. Knowing this, NBC has dug even deeper to get juicy stories of tragedy to success and it was all part of their Olympic coverage.

Here is a promo for the NBC Olympics that show some of its TV footage.

NBC Olympic Coverage – the Human Interest Story

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NBC's Sad Olympics: a PARODY by UCB's Horse + Horse

Get your tissues ready because NBC has the 2012 Summer Olympics' human interest stories covered. The tragedies and pains of the world's greatest athletes - all on one network. And some sports too, sure.

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Director: Moujan Zolfaghari

DP/Editor:Chris Chuang

Writers: Kristy Lopez-Bernal & Moujan Zolfaghari

Producer: Moujan Zolfaghari

Sound: Kent Kincannon

With: Johnathan Fernandez, Jackie Jennings, Matt Mayer, Joanna Bradley

Featuring: Ben Rameaka (VO)

- All sad footage from NBC's Olympic coverage

Brought to you by UCB Comedy.

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Brilliant! This is EXACTLY what it felt like to me. LOL