Superbowl at Downton Abbey

There’s reason to celebrate at Downton Abbey – it’s Superbowl time! While football may mean something different to the fine folks at Downton Abbey, they still enjoy the annual Superbowl celebration. In this edition of Downton Abbey, the staff is busy preparing for special guests who have arrived to watch the big game. Of course, because this is Downton Abbey, it’s important that the characters still try to act with proper etiquette, a hard thing to do when it’s the Superbowl you’re watching. And then sometimes the guests don’t understand what people see in the game. So enjoy most of your favorite Downton Abbey characters (Robert Crawley, Violet “Countess” Crawley”, Mary, Lady Edith, Matthew, and the staff) as they take a break to enjoy the Superbowl…

Superbowl at Downton Abbey

THE SUPER-PROPER BOWL: Downton Abbey vs The Super Bowl MASH-UP!

In the spring of 2012, the NFL Superbowl XLVI and the Season 3 finale of ITV's Downton Abbey went head-to-head, fighting in the same time-slot for viewership on American TV. Here's the (costume) drama that unfolded...

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