Spinning Duck Ride Malfunction

Spinning Teacup rides are popular at amusement parks everywhere and there’s always people who spin as fast as they can, just to see how fast they can go (and if they can keep their lunch down). ┬áThe ride in this video is “spinning ducks”. Like with the teacups the goal is to spin the ducks. But is it possible to spin the duck so fast that it dislodges from the platform? This video is proof that the answer is yes.

Spinning Duck Ride Malfunction

Roller Coaster Accident Crazy Duck

Roller coaster accident duck attack style!
Me and my friend tried to see how fast we could get the duck to spin. We can safely say that we pushed the duck way beyond its limits!

I know it wasnt a roller coaster! But we kinda turned it? into one!

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