Kristen Bell has Panic Attack over Sloth

Veronica Mars used to be one of my favorite shows, filled with smart writing. It starred Kristen Bell, who played the smart high school detective. Well Kristen recently appeared on the Ellen show and she related that if she gets to excited or too depressed then she has a panic attack. As she puts it, “if I’m not between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale, I’m crying.”

So for her birthday, Kristen’s boyfriend, Dax Shepard, arranged to fulfill a lifetime dream of Kristen. All her life she wanted to see a sloth. Sloths are tree-dwelling mammals that like to hang upside down. Kristen has been in love with them her whole life, but has never seen one.

When Kristen suspects that there is a sloth nearby (on her birthday), she goes into a crying panic attack because she is so happy. She relates the story on the Ellen show in the clip below and even shares video of her panic attack. It’s one of the funniest Ellen segments ever…

Kristen Bell has Panic Attack over Sloth

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