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Very Funny Videos LogoIn June 2014, Very Funny Videos opened the doors to user created video submissions. We know how hard it is to get videos featured on Websites, so our reward to our users like you is the ability for you to get your funny videos featured here for free! If you have created a funny video that is free of profanity then feel free to send us the YouTube link and your own personal description of the video (this helps us with our write-up) to While we can’t promise it will be feature, we will definitely give it a view and our consideration. Here is a full list of the user submitted videos we have published to date:

User Submitted Videos

> Fourth of July Goat (submitted by HomerGoat)
> Pizza Delivery Surprise (submitted by Bud Sugar)
> What Am I Doing? (submitted by raf regt)
> Graduation Goat (submitted by HomerGoat)
> Cat Lady Music Video (submitted by Tudor Williams)
> Baby Eats Lime for the First Time (submitted by HolashalomA)
> Man Showing Off Falls into River (submitted by busyyeah)
> Groom Cuts off Bride’s Dress for Garter Toss (submitted by Emma De Thierry)
> Man Flirts with Girls in Different Language (submitted by Freddy Fairhair)

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