User Video: Man Flirts with Girls Using Different Language

(User Submissions) This user submitted video comes from “Freddy Fairhair,” who has a YouTube channel where he plays pranks on others. In this video, Freddy Fairhair approaches girls on a college campus and starts speaking a different language. The English captions bring out the humor.

Our favorite part is whey Freddy Fairhair approaches a woman holding a newspaper and asks, “What are you reading?” in Norwegian. The woman, not knowing the language, responds “I don’t know…” Freddy Fairhair then responds in Norwegian, “you don’t know what you’re reading?” It’s a great exchange.

Freddy Fairhair’s flirt prank is the first user video we are featuring in our new “User Videos” section.  It’s our way of rewarding our users who happen to make videos themselves. Enjoy!

Freddy Fairhair College Flirt Prank Using Different Launguage

Flirting With Girls Speaking Another Language (at UCSB)

Did this with Whatever december '12. We didnt uploadt it since we had a ton of footage just from SBCC.

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