User Video: Groom Cuts Off Bride’s Dress for Garter Toss

(User Submissions) We’re pleased to share with you another user submitted video, this one courtesy of Emma De Thierry. When you go to a wedding reception, it is generally custom that the groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg and tosses it to eager men who can’t wait to get married. But this garter toss comes with a twist – one the bride and groom are expecting, but the guests aren’t – he cuts off the dress with scissors in order to get to the garter.

Now a couple of things make this video funny. First, the bride and groom are pulling a quick one on their guests. Second, the reactions from those at the wedding are great. But perhaps the funniest part of this video is what happens when the groom tires of using the scissors and decides to use his hands.

Enjoy! And thank you, Emma, for the submission. Congratulations on your wedding! Cheers.

Groom Cuts Off Bride’s Dress for Garter Toss


Garter toss with a twist

Guests are excited when they gather round for what they think is the garter toss
little did they know the groom was given scissors to cut the brides dress off
watch to see how the guests reacted

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