Mario Destroys Gamers Home

Imagine that you’re at home, alone, playing a Super Mario Bros. video game. While playing, you receive a text message that calls you out of the room. So you turn of the game and leave. Now imagine that when you’re gone the TV turns on and the game restarts… only this time it is in your living room.

Far fetched?

You might  think so, but there is a video to prove that it happened to this one guy. Enjoy…

Mario Destroys Gamers Home

Mario is Destroying my house!

I am in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Nintendo. Mario characters and IP are property of Nintendo.

Ever wonder what your video games are doing when you're not looking? No? Just me? oh....

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Filming, editing, music, VFX, basic 3d modeling, character skinning, rigging and animation by: John Huffnagle ( Me)

(in order of appearance)

Weird, Indian-looking man: John Huffnagle
Man driving white kia soul to Wawa's: Rodrigo Huerta
Luigi: John Leguizamo

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