Heroic Pilot Dies in Good Year Blimp that Catches Fire

Note: As we do time to time, we post videos of interest that are not funny. In this case, the video is one of a heroic pilot who saved the lives of three people on a Good Year Blimp. Here’s the story.

The pilot of a Good Year Blimp flying in Oberursel, Germany, is being hailed as a hero as he lowered the burning blimp close enough to the ground for passengers to jump off before the blimp rapidly climbed again with the pilot still on board. The 53-year old pilot died in the fire.

The three passengers were journalists that were taking photos as part of Germany’s Hessentag celebration. The pilot navigated the burning blimp to within 7-10 feet of the ground, then yelled for the journalists to jump. When they all jumped to safety, the loss of weight caused the blimp to shoot upward, making it impossible for the pilot to escape. Our thoughts are with the family of the pilot – a true hero for saving the lives of his passengers. The pilot was Australian Mike Nerandzic.

The following video is not in English, but does show pictures/videos of the accident…

Good Year Blimp Catches Fire


Interview with Good Year Pilot that Died

This is a video put together from photos and audio just over a month ago by someone who went on a ride in the same Good Year Blimp (Spirit of Safety) that burned and crashed. The pilot shown in this video is the same heroic pilot – Mike Nerandzic – that saved his passengers before dying in the blimp…


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