April Fools Jokes

Google Launches Morse Code for Phones – Gmail Tap

(April 1, 2012) Google today has released a new solution to messaging that substitutes a keyboard for a dash and dot, allowing you to quickly send messages using┬áMorse┬ácode with only two buttons. The new feature is called “Gmail Tap”. The process is revolutionary because as devices get smaller, being able to use a virtual keyboard…

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Google Revolutionizes Health Care with Google Fiber Bar

(April 1, 2012) There is breaking news in the health world today as Google, known for its advances in technology, has released a Fiber bar, called Google Fiber. When eaten, the bar helps determine what nutrients you are low on and feeds those areas, helping you stay focused, energized, and healthy. This is Google’s first…

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YouTube Releases Video Collection on DVD

(April 1, 2012) If you’re tired of waiting for videos to load on YouTube (I know we are) then there’s good news. YouTube is releasing its entire collection of videos to DVD for you to purchase and watch at home without the load wait! We could tell you how the YouTube DVD program works, but…

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