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Movie Trailer Used Volvo Ad Goes Viral

A man wanting to sell his Volvo wanted to do it in a creative way… so he created a “movie trailer” featuring the car he was selling. Little did he realize that the YouTube video would go viral, amassing more than a million views in no time at all. I heard about this video on…

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Lamborghini Crash Caught on Tape

When two people pull up behind a $200,000+ Lamborghini at an intersection, they decide to record it. After all, how often do you get the chance to be so close to an expensive car? What they weren’t expecting was for the car to lose control when the light turns green, causing the car to sandwich…

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How VW Safety Tests Cars

This is an interesting video on how VW safety tests its cars. Let’s just say that it involves a lot of road hazards and some pretty darn good stunt drivers who aren’t afraid of death. Whether it’s flying in the air or hitting a mountain of gravel, these VWs try to stand the test of…

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