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Dancers Are the Athletes of God

(Rhythmic Gymnastics) One of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes was “Dancers are the athletes of God”. Perhaps it was their gracefulness that impressed him. Or maybe their ability to contort their body in ways average humans can’t. Whatever the reason, Einstein would likely be very proud of rhythmic gymnastics and how graceful and athletic of a sport it has become.…

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Rhythmic Gymnastics Montage Video

(Rhythmic Gymnastics Videos) Below we have for you a Rhythmic Gymnastics montage video that shows just how difficult this still emerging and popular sport is. Rhythmic Gymnastics is starting to become to the Summer Olympics what ice skating is for the Winter Olympics – the fun-to-watch very artistic sport. At the Olympics, Rhythmic Gymnastics (which…

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Amazing Rhythm Gymnastics Routine with Ball

Rhythm Gymnastics is an extremely fun sport to watch. Take, for example, this solo scene where a girl performs a rhythm gymnastics routine using a ball. Now it’s hard enough to do a routine using just your body. But when you start adding other elements, like a ball, doing a perfect performance becomes all the…

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