Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos of All Time

The great thing about YouTube is that anyone can become a star. The bad thing is that the majority of videos on YouTube aren’t worth watching. That’s why the team at YouTube Funny Video Clips spends hours going through YouTube every day to find the best (and most funny) YouTube videos to post.

During our adventure we’ve discovered some videos that are hands-down better than the rest. These are the diamonds in the rough. From these videos we’ve put together a list of the top 10 most funniest YouTube videos ever. Here is the criteria for establishing this “Top 10” list:

– Video must be funny (cute or cool are for another category)
– Video must not have crude language or “R” rated content.
– Video must have at least 3,000 thumbs up on YouTube.

Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos Ever:

(Click title of video to view it)

10. Baby Laughing at Wii Golf

9. The Great Gonzo – The Blue Danube Waltz

8. Rocky Training Spoof by Remi Gaillard

7. Men in Coats

6. How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended

5. Evolution of Dance

4. Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager

3. Jeff Dunham and Walter

2. George Lucas in Love

1. Charlie the Unicorn

A couple of videos, like George Lucas in Love, do not show, on their YouTube page, more than 3,000 five star ratings which is one of our criteria.  In such cases, we first confirmed that the video used to be on another channel and had more than 3,000 five star ratings at that time. Our link may be from a different channel, but the video popularity has been verified.  The reason for us changing the link could be due to the original video being removed or the embedding feature (which allows us to show it to you) being disabled.

Charlie the Unicorn has become a YouTube sensation (to date there has been the original and a sequel). The video is so weird that it’s funny and in no time you may find yourself imitating the voices of the unicorns egging on Charlie. It has spawned more than a hundred spoof and fan videos, making it one of the most spoofed YouTube videos of all time. Humor, of course, is subjective so not everyone loves Charlie the Unicorn, but it’s like to dislike ratio on YouTube is above 90%.

You can click any of the videos in the list to go to the videos main page where you can leave a comment about the video or rate it on a five-star rating scale.

This list is on-going. Therefore the list you read today may not be the same as the one a month ago or the one next month.

If there’s a video you think should be in this list and it meets the criteria, please email the YouTube link to along with why you think it belongs in the list. We’ll give all submissions serious consideration.

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